Geologica: Earth’s Dynamic Forces

Robert Coenraads and John I. Koivula

The earth is covered with beautiful, untamed landscapes. But how were they formed? Geologica is a comprehensive, richly illustrated insight into the geological heritage of our planet. Mountain ranges, archipelagos, rift valleys, deltas, swamps, and geysers – and the geological processes that created them – are brought to life through pictures and mapping. Discover the glaciers and fjords of Alaska, Norway, New Zealand, and Chile; the massive cave systems of Europe, Asia, and the Americas; and the volcanoes that ring the Pacific Ocean. Featuring over 700 colour photographs of some of the world’s most impressive landscapes, including aerial and satellite images, and over 100 detailed world and regional maps, Geologica is a useful resource for the student and an ideal reference book for the home library. –reproduced