Microworld of wonders

Photoatlas of Inclusions in Gemstones, Volumes 1–3

Eduard J. Gübelin and John I. Koivula
Opinio Verlag, Basel Vol 1, 4th edn.(2004) 532 pp.; Vol 2 (2005) 829 pp.; Vol 3 (2008) 672 pp.
Opinio Verlag, Basel
Vol 1, 4th edn. (2004) 532 pp.
Vol 2 (2005) 829 pp.
Vol 3 (2008) 672 pp.

The three volumes of The Photoatlas series is the product of the collaboration between the two leading authorities on inclusions in gemstones. As trailblazers in gemology, they pioneered photographic techniques for use in analytical microscopy. Their images reveal the fascinating world of wonders contained within gem minerals, for their internal features provide signatures that enable the gemologist to differentiate treated and synthetic gems, which were produced in a laboratory, from their natural counterparts, which were produced in nature’s kitchen. Gübelin and Koivula complement technical skillfulness with a refined aesthetic sensitivity, so their images are every bit artistic as they are informative. Each image is dazzling in its compositions and the play of light on features frozen in the gem’s interior is like discovering the contents of a time capsule.

The Photoatlas series features over 5350 color images and more than 2000 pages, which represents the most comprehensive photographic exploration on inclusions in gem minerals published to date, so this three-volume reference set is indispensable for gemologists, students and researchers.