The Red Land

Steven Sidebotham, Martin Hense and Hendrikje M. Nouwens

The Red Land is a detailed survey of the ancient sites in the Southeastern Desert of Egypt, located between the Nile Valley and the Red Sea, including the sites that encompassed Smaragdus Mons, or “Emerald Mountain,” the oldest emerald mines in the world, as well as the important polyglot trading port of Berenike on the Red Sea. Based on twenty years of archaeological fieldwork conducted in the Eastern Desert, The Red Land reveals the cultural, historical and economic significance that Egypt’s southeastern desert resources, overland trade routes and Red Sea ports had in the world of international trade and cultural transmission between the classical world and far eastern cultures. A range of important archaeological sites dating from Prehistoric to the Byzantine period is discussed. Numerous black and white and color illustrations are featured.

Dr. Steven E. Sidebotham is professor of classical archaeology and ancient history at the University of Delaware. He is the author of Roman Economic Policy in the Erythra Thalassa 30BC – AD217 and co-editor of six volumes of archaeological fieldwork at Berenike. Martin Hense has been a freelance artist and archaeologist specializing in ancient metalwork on excavations in Syria and Egypt since 1994. Hendrikje M. Nouwens is an independent Egyptologist and archaeologist based in the Netherlands, where she regularly gives lectures and courses in Egyptology. She has worked on major archaeological excavations in Egypt since 1997.